Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan in the 20th century. In Canada, Aikido had been introduced and taught by late Kawahara Shihan for 35 years. Aikido comes from Kenjutsu, classical Japanese swordsmanship, which has been practiced by swordsmen for hundreds of years. Both the founder of Aikido and the father of Canadian Aikido were phenomenal swordsmen. Swordsmen are skilled in various weapons and they are also trained to capture armed opponents. Aikido originated from these techniques. The founder of Aikido added health aspects to his art.

Aikido "Seisho Kan" translates to "House of Green Pine Tree". Influenced by Japanese symbology, the evergreen pine has come to represent longevity, good fortune and steadfastness. Our Aikido practice focuses on the continual growth of each student in the martial art - through the use of weaponry skill training and through each student's commitment to regular class attendance.

If you are interested in visiting an Aikido Class, meeting our Instructor, or discussing what our Aikido practice has to offer, please refer to our Class Schedule webpage and drop in during a scheduled class time. Our sessions are open to the public. We welcome male and female participants aged fifteen (with parental consent) and up.